Collection of Information

With your consent, Benchmarkme Pty Ltd will only collect personal information where the information is necessary, such as during member registration where we collect contact details and data for unique identificatioin purposes..

Use of Information

Under no circumstances will any personal information be passed on or sold to any third party.


Disclosure of Infomation

Information collected by Benchmarkme Pty Ltd is used to run our site and to enable us to gain a better understanding of your organisation. Only amalgamated calculated results, with no reference to an individual, will be used for reporting purposes. By joining Concussion Track That, you authorise the use of consolidated reports to be passed on to your organisation, your peers and competitors, and in some instances, to media.


Security of Infomation

Information is stored on a secure server, offsite from our premises. Only authorised access to the server is permissible. However, an Internet server nor any data transmitted over the Internet can be assured of security and there is always a risk of unauthorised access to information. Although we take all reasonable steps to maintain security of information provided, we cannot be held liable for events arising from unauthorised access.


Access of Infomation

Benchmarkme Pty Ltd will allow its records containing personal information to be accessed according with the Privacy Act, by contacting us. We will endeavour to provide you with details of such information as soon as practical and will seek to remedy any errors which you identify in that information. We may, at our discretion, request a charge for time spent in providing access.


Privacy Queries

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, or have a problem or complaint, then please contact us.