Why Join

What is Concussion Track That?

Accurately report on the number of concussion incidences and their severity.

Benchmarkme’s Concussion Track That is designed specifically for the sports Club in mind. It is an online tool allowing you to capture concussion related information and access a series of reports enabling you to compare results within your own club, league and sport as well as across other sports.

Concussion Track That also gives you the ability to track and compare the time taken to return back to sport as well as back to work or school.

Why Benchmark your injuries?

Capture the incident, severity and time taken to return back to sport and work or school. Then compare yourself with your peers and competitors.

As an organisation, are you able to tell exactly how many concussions occurred in your league last year? Knowing how many and their severity is of critical importance. Having the ability to compare with your peers and competitors is a great benefit.

Benchmarkme, is an independent company which allows you to capture and report, not only within your organisation, but to also safely and securely compare with your peers and competitors.

Benchmarkme allows you to monitor an individual’s concussions from their early teens to adulthood. Not only across one sport, but many. In essence, Concussion Track That allows the reporting of an individual’s complete history of concussions.

Benefits of Joining

  • We are 100% independent
  • Instant accurate results
  • Save time
  • Secure web-based environment
  • Compare directly with your peers, and in most cases, your competitors
  • Confidentiality
  • Australia-wide
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free trial - no risk, no obligation