Why organisations choose Benchmarkme's Concussion Track That

Why Benchmark your Injuries?

Capture the incident, severity and time taken to return back to sport and work or school. Then compare yourself with your peers and competitors.
As an organisation, are you able to tell exactly how many concussions occurred in your league last year? Knowing how many and their severity is of critical importance. Having the ability to compare with your peers and competitors is also of great benefit.

Reporting - "Concussion Track That!"

Concussion Track That accurately reports on the number of concussion incidences and their severity.
Depending on your role and profile, reports can be generated by Player, Club, League and Sport.


Concussion Track That allows the user to run a series of scenarios across the data to produce reports. Data is live and accessible online 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Security & Privacy

We understand that privacy and security are important to you. That’s why we do not disclose any private information. All information is captured in a secure web-based database and consolidated instantly. All subscribers have a secure login, and we maintain a strict Privacy Policy which governs the use of any personal information we collect (such as email addresses).

How do we compare?

Using Concussion Track That, you have access to a secure web-based tool to accurately inform you of the number of concussions and their severity. Compare directly with your peers and competitors in a confidential manner. These include the percentage of athletes with one or multiple concussions, as well as ranking of those sports with the highest incidence of concussions.

Feel confident knowing who is in the mix

Do you receive information not knowing which organisations are participating or how many athletes make up the results?
Being totally independent, we disclose which organisations are participating and how many athletes make up a particular calculation. You get to see the amalgamated results of all participants, and get to see at an individual level for your own Organisation.